‘Twas the Night Before QE

Twas the Night Before QE

Twas the night before QE when across the trading floors,
The sycophants were acting like money-junkie whores.
The computers were all stacked next to stock exchange servers,
In the hopes their flash trading could front run real orders.

The banksters were drinking at their Wall Street bars,
With some doing blow and hookers in their cars.
And the honest man on Main Street had gone to the store,
Just hoping that his money could feed his family of four.

About insider markets, some traders did warn,
But the SEC cowards were all busy watching porn.
So the Goldman Sachs gang and the Merrill Lynch mob,
Did what they do best, they continued to rob.

In DC, all the Fed did was bluster and bellow,
Saying there is no inflation, if you only eat Jello.
And who runs the Fed, is it the ghost of John Gotti?
No, it’s Osama Ben Bernanke, the financial jihadi.

But someone was coming, through the clouds and the fog,
My God, it was Telly, on a shiny new HOG.
The short sellers came, and they made lots of money,
But the chicken-neck banksters, didn’t think it was funny.

So Paulson, and Geithner, and Bush, and Shapiro,
Bailed out the banks, and destroyed your dinero.
They gave them free money, by robbing you the taxpayer,
Here’s QE 1 & QE2, the American republic slayer.

So the stock market soared, and apologists applauded,
But soon we all realized, we had just been defrauded.
Well, the people got angry and Tea Parties were started,
Then Republicans co-opted and real liberty departed.

The American people still clamored and screamed,
And Obama’s magic stimulus, only ensured the people were reamed.
Cash for Clunkers was a failure and Home Buyer’s Credit too,
So Obama called Warren Buffett and asked him what to do.

Uncle Warren’s friend Charlie, said quit crying, go to work,
And quit buying gold, cause if you are, you’re a jerk.
Fiat money and the status quo, are what we desire,
If you don’t like our solutions, we will take inflation higher.

None of this was working, and they all got together,
To say if the data came in bad, let’s blame it all on the weather.
They trotted out toadies like David Tepper and Steven Schwarzman,
Then balanced it out with Mitt Romney, the Mormon.

As the economy still struggled, they tried to keep us distracted,
Through shows like Jersey Shore and iPad purchases transacted.
It still didn’t work, as the people begged for more,
And Celente got it right, and they began a new war.

Dropping peace bombs in a kinetic military action in Lybia,
God knows what they would do next, drop a nuke on Namibia?
As Main Street still struggled, and saw through their actions,
They staged a killing of Osama, to see the people’s reaction.

Well the fluoride head public, they did not disappoint,
Kill them Arabs they shouted, all hail to West Point.
For the American republic, it was late in the hour,
We didn’t have much more time, for our future looked dour.

Well the story wasn’t over, we still had a chance,
With Ron Paul leading the way, never changing his stance.
As we approach 2012 and the coming election,
Please make the right choice, and cure America’s infection.

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