The True Cost of War

The True Cost of War

Before you make comments about turning the Middle East into a parking lot and other such statements that I too often hear from people in the US, before you go along with whatever war the politicians of the day are telling you is necessary for our safety, ask yourself who truly benefits from these wars. More importantly, ask yourself who is it that suffers.

This video is quite graphic, but I think that we need to see to truly understand the consequences of these wars in which we are engaged. It is easy for us in the US to just ignore the true costs of all of these military operationss because we do not face the horrors on our shores. I would imagine that if these wars were up close and in our face, we might ask more questions.

Warning! Do not let your children see this video, it is very graphic. This is the result of the love bombs of peace that NATO so kindly dropped on Libya. Here is the link.

We Sanctioned This

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