Draft-Dodging Warmongers

For all the bloviating about how we need to attack Iran from people on any news channel, your pastors, and neocon GOP candidates (Romney, Gingrich & Santorum), these people either need to get on the front line and fight themselves in an attack, or shut up. Here is what some of the military leaders in Israel think about attacking Iran.
Israel’s Military Leaders Warn Against Iran Attack

Or here is Stratfor’s commentary (bythe way Stratfor is regarded as one of the best private global intelligence and politics consultant groups in the world.)
From our perspective, this is a critical idea. As we have said for several years, we do not see Iran as close to having a nuclear weapon. They may be close to being able to test a crude nuclear device under controlled circumstances (and we don’t know this either), but the development of a deliverable nuclear weapon poses major challenges for Iran.

Moreover, while the Iranians may aspire to a deterrent via a viable nuclear weapons capability, we do not believe the Iranians see nuclear weapons as militarily useful. A few such weapons could devastate Israel, but Iran would be annihilated in retaliation. While the Iranians talk aggressively, historically they have acted cautiously. For Iran, nuclear weapons are far more valuable as a notional threat and bargaining chip than as something to be deployed. Indeed, the ideal situation is not quite having a weapon, and therefore not forcing anyone to act against them, but seeming close enough to be taken seriously. They certainly have achieved that.

– Stratfor “Considering a U.S.-Iranian Deal,” January 24th, 2012

Things are not always what they seem. Our leaders and those in positions of power often distort the truth in order to encourage us to support their agendas. How many of you knew that Iran has the largest Jewish population in the Middle East of any country other than Israel. Why are they still alive? Don’t the Iranians want to kill all the Jews?

Lastly, why do I keep harping on this? Is it because I think Iran is some wonderful country? Of course not. They have a horrible government and barbaric in many ways. However, the Iranian people are human beings being led by corrupt officials. Kind of sounds like the US. More importantly, any attack on Iran could potentially be the spark that ignites WWIII. This would not be good for any of us.

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