Don’t Blindly Trust the Medical Establishment

There is a tendency among most people to just blindly trust doctors and the medical establishment in general. Please don’t. Just as the big banks have effectively acted as a criminal mafia, so too has Big Pharma and the medical establishment overall in many cases. Notice how the majority of solutions they offer do not treat the causes of the various ailments from which people suffer, only the so-called fixes. They need you to be sick so they can make money off of their drugs. God forbid that you eat the right kinds of food and take enough vitamins and rarely, if ever, get sick. God forbid that you do not take the new vaccines that they tell you are necessary each year. God forbid that you do a little research and realize their lies. Here are just two recent glaring examples of this criminal behavior.

GlaxoSmithKline Guilty of Criminal Fraud

Merck Caught in Vaccine Fraud

There is a famous quote that states, “Trust but verify.” Unfortunately, in this era of massive corporate and government lies, I think we should heed a motto of, “I don’t just take you at your word. I will believe you when you show me proof.”

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