Why the Republicans Lost

In a brief statement, let me tell you why the Republicans lost the election. You lost because you have no principles to which you adhere. You talk about freedom and you talk about liberty. However, you only talk about these things to get votes. When you have full power, you have no problem trampling all over these principles. I can’t stand the Democratic Party, as it seeks to pay off voters through social welfare. At least they are honest and straight forward about their failed agenda. The Republicans basically support big government, while saying they want small government. It is just that they support big government when they are in charge. If they would actually listen to the people and follow the principles of liberty, they could have this country back in track. You had a chance, but you rejected it because of the corporate-military-industrial complex. I suggest you all re-read the Constitution, learn about liberty and freedom, and next time vote for people like the one in the following video.

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