Doug Casey on the Inconvenient Truths of US Foreign Policy

Great interview of Doug Casey discussing some inconvenient truths regarding US foreign policy. If we don’t know the truth or are unwilling to recognize it, how can we expect this country to get back on track?

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator)

L: Hola, Doug. Congrats on calling the election correctly. You got your wish: the global economy should exit the eye of the storm on Obama’s watch. Hopefully, leftist ideas will get the blame they deserve this time.

Doug: Well, that’s only the second time I’ve ever called a US presidential election accurately, so I won’t let it go to my head. However, although I know most readers were rooting for Romney because he appeared to be the lesser of two evils, it’s quite arguable that we’re better off – for the long run – with the disastrous Obama.

Let’s look at the bright side: first, as you mentioned, Obama will get blamed for the Greater Depression. But also, Romney appeared even more warlike than Obama, and war is the health of the state. Despite the US’s huge, unsustainable deficits, he actually promised to increase military spending – presumably using money borrowed from the Chinese. Plus, he promised not to cut medical and welfare spending. But those are consequences we’ll never see now.

The actual reason Obama won, in addition to his promises of a free lunch for everyone, is that people are much more socially liberal than in the past. They don’t want the state putting its nose into their bedrooms with bans on gay marriage, abortion, and the like. Romney was a throwback to the ’50s – even down to that phony, condescending smile that was always painted on his face. So let’s batten down the hatches for four more years, recognizing there were no good choices.

But what’s really on my mind this week are things military, starting with the expanding sex scandal involving top military brass and the newly deposed head of the CIA, General Petraeus. Then we can get into the 19 reasons why the continuing war in Afghanistan is a total disaster.

L: You’ve always said that once you get above the staff-sergeant level of the military, it’s hopelessly corrupt, and that generals above two stars are necessarily political operatives. The top spot of any government agency is always a political appointment anyway, and we all know that your regard for politicians couldn’t get any lower – so this can’t be a surprise.

Doug: No, it’s no surprise – just more evidence for those who care to open their eyes as to just how dysfunctional things are at the top.

L: But is this really a sign of corruption? A famous – or infamous – bon vivant like you can’t possibly care whom generals screw, as long as it’s not taxpayers?

Doug: True. I couldn’t care less who’s sleeping with whom; it’s just that these people are typically such self-righteous hypocrites. But for all we know, Petraeus had an open relationship with his wife and wasn’t even cheating. Given that what we read in the papers doesn’t count as knowledge, only selective reporting of facts released by the government, buttressed by hearsay, conjecture, and lawyered-up statements, we really know almost nothing. As Mark Twain said, if you don’t read the papers, you’re uninformed; if you do read them, you’re misinformed.

But as a matter of principle, it’s always an excellent thing to see the mighty in these praetorian agencies fall into disgrace. Almost by definition, only bad apples can make it to the top in them, and they deserve to fall. I can only hope this scandal will grow and expose the CIA for being the corrupt, incompetent agency it is, and the entire thing will be abolished.

Click here for the rest:
Doug Casey on the Inconvenient Truths of US Foreign Policy

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