Welcome to the Police State, 1984 Style

Bad Cops, Good Cops
Below is a collection of links to articles showing our continued descent into a 1984-style police-state control grid and how many police are turning into enemies against ordinary Americans. It is followed by a few examples of good policemen fulfilling their duty to the Constitution and humanity.

State and local law enforcement groups want wireless providers to store detailed information about your text messages for at least two years — in case they’re needed for future criminal investigations

Cops Taser Man Who Tried to Keep His House from Burning Down

US Army Soldier Arrested for Asking Police Questions

Washing Your Car, or Failing to Pick Up Dog Poop May Cost You $100,000 a Day

Baltimore Bus Passengers Now Subject to Secretive Eavesdropping

Here are the few examples of exceptional cops who are giving the rest of the bad ones a good name.

Hero Cop Protects Activists Against the TSA by Protecting Their First Amendment Rights

NYPD Cop Displays His Humanity by Giving Pair of Boots to Homeless Man

Knowledge is truth. Truth is power. Love for others is how we can change our society.

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