The Cost of Our Silence

It used to be that our churches followed the teachings of Christ and were the biggest anti-war groups in this country, yet that has somehow changed in the last 40-50 years. More importantly, we have allowed ourselves to accept as normal the modern day concept of collateral damage in war. This is complete bullshit, especially when the wars in which we are engaging our first-strike wars of choice. It used to be considered a war crime to target civilians. Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara stated that if the US would have lost WWII, he and Colonel Lemay would have been prosecuted for war crimes over their aerial bombardment and wanton destruction of so many Japanese cities and civilians. This so-called collateral damage involves real people with innocent women and children dying and suffering, along with our best young men and women, all so our political and corporate elites can secure more power and money.

It is bad enough that we allowed George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to take us into a war in Iraq that was knowingly based upon a lie. What is worse is that the US military has been using depleted uranium shells in Iraq and Afghanistan in spite of the fact that most nations have signed an international agreement vowing not to use them. These weapons have created a truly humanitarian nightmare in places like Fallujah as they have left behind a radioactive disaster. The children in these areas have been affected the most as the number of birth defects and other problems have skyrocketed. Read the following short articles and then imagine if one of these mentioned were your children or family members.

We cannot claim to be pro-life on the issue of abortion, yet support every foreign military adventure in which our country engages against people of different races and religions. More importantly, tell me how these aggressive first strike wars line up with Jesus’ teachings in the Bible, because our churches have been the cheerleaders of them. The United States of America did not exist during the time of Christ or for close to two-thousand years after, yet somehow we Christians should ignore his message of peace now in the name of “patriotism.” Where does our allegiance lay? Non-interventionism is the true Christian foreign policy. We clearly have a right to defend ourselves, but we do not have a right to engage in first strike wars based upon the orders of those who stand to benefit the most from these very same wars and many of which are based on lies. Listen to President Eisenhower’s farewell presidential address and you will understand why the US has been at war for the last 60 years. It has nothing to do with freedom.

I will leave you with these articles which pretty much are a major example of why so many people in the Middle East hate the US. It is not because we have freedom, which by the way, is the most nonsensical line of crap reasoning ever invented. It is because of what do in many of those areas that has created so much animosity.

Let’s never let our churches be the cheerleaders of aggressive first strike wars again.

The Kids of Iraq’s Hiroshima

US Turns a Blind Eye to Iraq’s Hiroshima

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